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Heavily influenced by the research of Herman Miller, innovative and problem-solving design are second nature to us. Let us know your unique challenges, and we'll help you create spaces in which your people and your business thrive.

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Needing some inspiration?

The best office designs start with a vision. See what’s possible with our Inspiration Board. It’s our handpicked collection of products, settings, and spaces.
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Ready to get hands on?

Meet us at our Portland showroom where we can swap ideas as we mix and match to your hearts content.

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Visit our showroom to:
View a wide selection of choice products.
Exchange thoughts with a designer or product specialist.
Pick from thousands of colors and fabrics.
Monday - Friday
9am-12pm & 1-4pm
Located just across from the Lloyd Center. Get directions.

Your place or ours?


I’d like to meet with a designer or product specialist and check out all the great stuff you have at your showroom. Here are some details so you’re ready for me.

Monday - Friday, 9am-12pm & 1-4pm Get directions.

Don't like forms?
Give us a call at 503-238-1590.

I'd like to schedule a time a product specialist can meet with me at my location. Here are some details.

Don't like forms?
Give us a call at 503-238-1590.